Strawberry Seed Oil

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A novel fruit extract rich in natural emollient lipids

Extracted from the seeds of Fragaria Ananas, Strawberry seed oil is a deep golden yellow oil which has a rich and luxurious skin feel. Strawberry oil contains around 80% Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids, important factors in maintaining optimal nutrition and the vital components that help make this oil an excellent emollient. Our research has shown that this combination of nutrient lipids contributes towards improved skin smoothness, softness and can help reduce moisture loss.

Strawberry oil has great lubricating and moisturising properties whilst providing a nice, soft skin-feel after application. We recommend it for use in luxury night creams for older, dryer skin and at smaller dosages in light body oils and lotions when mixed with other, lighter emollients.

Cold Pressed Refined

Our pressed oil which is further refined to reduce colour and odour, best suited for cosmetic use

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