British Botanicals

A Range of UK grown, high value, plant oils for Nutrition and Personal Care applications.

The British Isles have long been a hotbed of research into, and development of, novel oilseed crops. Our rich soil, ideal climate and deep agricultural history have supported the innovation of many of the high value nutritional and technical oils we use today, from Rapeseed to Evening Primrose.

Over recent years, the increased interest in natural oils has led to an increase in the number of materials being imported, from all over the world.



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But at a time when there is concern about the environmental cost of shipping ingredients and finished products around the globe, we believe it is important to focus on the materials we can source and process closer to home, products which are of equal or superior quality and functionality to those presently imported and which help support UK agriculture and its ecosystem.

Our British Botanicals Range includes the best and most functional natural oils that Britain can offer; products which are grown and/or processed as close to point of origin as possible and which are rich in the Essential lipids and micronutrients that are vital in dietary and skin nutrition.


Easier to manage

Easier to manage and validate the supply chain, leading to greater product security and consumer confidence.

Lower Carbon emissions

Lower Carbon emissions involved in production and shipment, enabling users to reduce carbon footprint of finished products, which is consistent with current thinking.

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainable, environmentally friendly production technologies, equipment and expertise are used; many crops are naturally resistant to pests and require little or no synthetic/chemical treatment.

Increased Product Freshness

Production processes are closer to point of origin, leading to increased product freshness and overall quality and stability.

Supports UK farming

Supports the UK farming community through increased income potential and crop diversity.

Bee Friendly

Many crops rely on insect pollination and help local ecosystems by supporting a healthy Bee population!

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