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Also known as ‘Gold of Pleasure’, the golden orange seeds of Camelina Sativa contain around 40% of an oil rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Our UK crop is extracted by pressing of the seeds followed by traditional refining; this gives rise to a product which has a much lighter odour and taste compared to flax oil, making it an ideal alternative source of plant derived Omega 3’s for both dietary and cosmetic applications.

Under independent skin studies, Camelina Oil has been shown to reduce skin redness through topical application, this makes it an ideal natural ingredient for use in after sun lotions and other creams designed to reduce skin irritation.

We have two grades for Camelina oil, please see individual descriptions.

RHS Plants for Pollinators  

Cold Pressed

Oil pressed from our UK seed which undergoes filtration only

Cold Pressed Refined

Our pressed oil which is further refined to reduce colour and odour, best suited for cosmetic use

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Nice day on farm yesterday. The rain has really helped the camelina crop! The echium is being pollinated well too