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The Rose Hip plant has been grown for centuries as a source of food and oil and for medicinal uses. Rose Hips are known to contain high levels of Vitamin C which make it good for all manner of health advantages. The seeds contain about 12-14% oil which is rich in Essential Fatty Acids, making Rose Hip seed oil a valuable ingredient in both food and skin care.

Rose Hip Seed Oil has a great balance of nutritious and skin friendly fatty acids. It contains about 40% Omega 6 Linoleic Acid and about 30% Omega 3 alpha Linolenic Acid. Both of these Essential Fatty acids play a key role in maintaining health body function and skin tissue. In, particular oils rich in Omega 3have a key role in the regulation of anti-inflammatory disorders and tissue regulation.

Rose Hip seed oil has a light feel and is readily absorbed, leaving the skin soft, smooth and with a healthy but not greasy shine. Rose hip oil improves skin barrier function by reducing water loss, it also improves firmness and elasticity whilst also aiding in the reduction of skin redness.

Rose Hip oil is ideal for body oils, creams and lotions, in lip balms and in men’s facial care.


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