Lunaria (Honesty) Seed Oil

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Plant History

Lunaria Annua has been a recognised ornamental plant across the globe for many years. In the UK it is more commonly known as ‘honesty’ and its attractive pink, violet and white coloured flowers have added vivid colour to garden borders across the country for centuries

Lunaria literally translates to mean’ moon-shaped’ and is related to the shape of the seed pods. Over the growing season, as the plant matures and dries, the pods change colour from green to silver and begin to resemble silver coins. This has led to the plant also being called the ‘money plant’ or ‘silver dollar plant’ and even the ‘Chinese money plant’. We have been working with our crop specialists over the last 5 years to develop a sustainable and economically viable supply chain and we are now delighted to be releasing this oil for general sale

Ecological Sustainability and Impact

Lunaria requires very limited treatment during the production cycle, meaning that it has a low environmental impact. But what’s more crucial is that its recognised by the Royal Horticultural society as being of benefit to the local insect population, as it is perfect for pollinators. Thus, we can include Lunaria in our collection of Bee Friendly oil crops which had a positive impact on the local environment.

We convert the seed into oil within 200 miles of the farm and use cold pressing technology, this means that the carbon footprint of production is very low and in turn the oil has superior freshness and also enables us to register the oil as ECOCERT/COSMOS Natural

Lunaria Oil composition – its Unique!

In the 1990’s UK lipid researchers began to study the oil contained in the brown disc shaped seeds harvested from trial crops of Lunaria. Not only did they find that the seeds contained a good amount of oil (around 27-33%), they also discovered that is had a special lipid profile. Lunaria oil has a unique lipid composition. In addition to the more commonly available, skin-friendly Oleic Acid, it also contains around 25% of the rarer and more functional long chain Nervonic Acid (C 24:1).

Nervonic Acid, molecular formula C24H46O2, is a long chain mono-unsaturated fatty acid which is part of the cerebroside family of fatty acids which, in turn, are classified as sphingolipids. It was originally found in certain fish oils but with concern over sustainability, attention was focused on plant sources, Lunaria being identified as a particularly rich source. As a result of its molecular composition, Lunaria oil is also extremely stable which means it has a shelf life of at least 2 years

Value in Skin Care

Independent studies commissioned by Northstar have so far concluded that:

  • Lunaria oil has a rich and luxurious skin feel. It provides enhanced slip whilst being readily absorbed.
  • Lunaria oil is an effective natural moisturiser, improving skin hydration and barrier function
  • Lunaria oil improves skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Lunaria oil improves the appearance of facial fine lines and wrinkles and can be considered for use in anti-ageing formulations.
  • Lunaria oil also improves hair shine and scalp condition making it an ideal ingredient in skin tonics and conditioners
  • Lunaria oil was well tolerated during the study and received favourable consumer feedback, with no adverse effects when applied to the skin. This means its suitable for sensitive skin and infant skin care.

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