If you’ve read our section on Essential Fatty Acids and the dossier on NorOmega PC369 then you’ll know quite a bit about our views on the importance of Essential Fatty Acids and the Omega 3, 6 and 9 families. If not then read on…

In recent years there has been increased research applied to defining the role and function of the Fatty Acids found in both seed and marine oils; in particular emphasis has be placed upon their importance in maintaining health from the point we are conceived through to our latter years

From this research a number of things may be concluded:

  • Fatty Acids have a wide variety of very important functions beyond energy – they are vital raw materials used in maintaining good health, circulation and in the development of the higher cognitive functions.
  • They are important dietary components from the day we are conceived to the day we retire
  • Each group have different roles which can be both complementary and conflicting.
  • The body cannot function properly without a healthy and balanced intake of Fatty Acids but equally an excess of one type of fatty acid can be detrimental, especially Saturated Fats.

More recently, the recommendation to get an ‘ideal balance’ of Fatty Acids has led to new products being launched. Clinical research has also suggested that certain deficiencies can be treated by the intake of a certain ratio of fatty acids which can be adjusted to suit the individual condition.

From this research,it may be suggested that no single oil can give the individual everything it needs; but, through the combination of selection of oils in a certain ratio, one can obtain the right balance of essential nutrient lipids – As the old adage states “ a little of everything does you good”!

Marine Oils are an excellent source of very important Fatty Acids, but these are not suitable for everyone or for every application (e.g. cosmetics).

Seed oils may not contain some of the more active Fatty Acids found in fish oils but they are a good source of a wide range of lipids which cover numerous metabolic functions.

To help you choose the right oil for your needs we have separated them in accordance with the most abundant fatty acids they contain (i.e. more than 30% of the total Fatty Acids is of one type).

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